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WeComm's data network is no longer expanding with several data projects in various stages of completion.  WeComm is constructing Winlink RMS Relay Stations, Winlink digipeaters, Icom D-Star 1.2GHz digital data systems and ISM commercial high speed data networks for specific purposes.  WeComm is leveraging the internet to link ARES/RACES communications together to provide the most reliable communications possible to served agencies.

Milwaukee Winlink RMS Relay Station

Jim Darrow, KB9MMC, WeComm's Digital Communications Chairperson, runs this RMS Relay Station.  It contains a combination of Jim's personal owned equipment and WeComm equipment.  Current capabilities at this station include:

  • KB9MMC-10 145.930 MHz 1200 Baud / 25 watts

  • KB9MMC-10 145.610 MHz 1200 Baud / 25 watts

  • KB9MMC-10 446.100 MHz 9600 Baud / 25 watts

  • KB9MMC 1298.000 MHz D-Star Internet broadband access / 10 watts

  • KB9MMC 7.100 MHz HF Pactor I, and II 50 watts

Fox Cities Winlink RMS Relay Station

On January 30, 2010, the Fox Cities Winlink RMS Relay Station was completed.  The call is WE9COM-10.  It operates on the following frequencies.

  • 3.592.00 MHz - 3400 Baud/100 watts

  • 7.100.00 MHz - 3400 Baud/100 watts

  • 145.610 MHz - 1200 Baud/25 watts

  • 446.100 MHz - 9600 Baud/35 watts

Below are photos of the completed system. 

Thanks to everyone who helped complete this system.  There were many volunteers and this system will help Amateur Radio Emergency Communications for many years to come!

On Saturday, November 7, 2009, WeComm (with mutual aid from the Town of Center Fire Department!) raised the 48-foot Heights Tower for its Fox Cities Winlink 2000 RMS Relay Station.  All outside work was completed with the skillful help of the following volunteers:

Brian Randall, KC9JZK

Bob Zalewski, W9RNA

Jeff Sonkowsky, KC9NLN

Jeff Schmeichel, KB9BYP

John Morack, N9ZXR

Stan Piekarczyk, K9STN

Steve Schmeichel, N9LDD (Chief, Town of Center Fire Department)

This site at the Hortonville Fire Station will be home to WeComm's Winlink RMS Relay Station offering coverage on HF (40 and 80-meters), 2-meter and 440Mhz.  Radio installation will begin over the next couple of weeks and be complete and operating in December 2009.

Hortonville VHF

Hortonville UHF


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